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French bulldog puppy. Question: Will my puppy be quarantined after arriving to the U.S.?

Answer: NO!

Question: What form of payments can I use?
Answer: Bank wire, account information is give upon ordering, use WESTERN UNION also is possible. You choose as you conveniently.

Question: Is my puppy/dog AKC registered?
Answer: Our puppies/dogs are registered by the Russian Kennel Club (RKF). Puppies and parents have Russian Pedigree. You can obtain the Export Pedigree (80 $), and you can transfer it to AKC with full breeding/showing rights. Please visit AKC's web site for more information.

Question: Does the price include shipping?
Answer: Yes, our price includes shipping, crate, veterinary certificate and other related charges. The only additional charge is a 80 $ fee for the export pedigree if you request one.

Question: Can you give me any references?
Answer: Yes, certainly. We have many directories in America, Canada, Japan Philippines. Please click on
Buyers speak about our puppies to see what our customers are saying about us.

French bulldog puppy.
French bulldog puppy.
French bulldog puppy. Question: How long before I can get my puppy?
Answer: We don't ship puppies under to ten weeks of age. If he/she is old
enough and we received the full payment then within a week.

Question: Do I have to qualify to be able to purchase one of your puppies?
Answer: No! It is our intention to place our puppies to good homes and reserve the right not to sell.

Question: Do you have a contract?
Answer: No! We don't ask you to sign a contract. It is your responsibility to educate yourself how to raise and keep a puppy/dog.

Question: Do your puppies receive any vaccinations?
Answer: Yes, an to ten weeks old puppy should normally have two shots.

Question: Where are you located?
Answer: We are located in Russia, city of Moscow

Question: Are your puppies healthy?
Answer: YES! All of our puppies are healthy and checked by our veterinarian before departure.

Question: How long is the flight? Does he/she gets fed and watered? Isn't it too cold/hot for the puppy?
Answer: We only ship with pet friendly, major airlines that have many years experience in shipping animals and strict regulations, such as KLM, Lufthansa, Korea AIR, AEROFLOT, Delta ... just to name a few. The airplanes have a separate, temperature controlled room for live animals. This is very safe and most puppies sleep through the flight. In most cases, the puppy stays overnight in one of the airlines' city in Europe, where he/she is provided with food and water and continues the flight to the final destination.

French bulldog puppy.
French bulldog puppy.
French bulldog puppy.

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